Poker Night In America. The Chainsaw Stops By

In L.A., people pay between like one and 5,000. >> I know. >> Just to get their table some nights, some busy nights. >> Yeah, but on a night, sure. >> On a night.

>> Alright, so you got. >> No waiting, here comes the flush for Jaffee on the turn. >> It’s like your two weekend days your spending, you’re spending $5000 each of your 2 weekends. >> Both players slow down to the river, it’s a 7 of clubs. >> And this is supposed to be the number one club of Florida.

[CROSSSTALK] >> Yeah. >> I don’t know who keeps stealing my drink, but I want one. >> If you had a group of guys who get like, six guys are gonna do that all the time and they. >> Well if they are going to go all the time, then I guess. >> I don’t think that number’s out of line for what the table goes for.

>> Jaffee bets 2,375. >> You get it for free on the week. You basically get for free on the weekend and you pay the weekend price. >> It’s four digits. >> Could be more expensive than this one place that.

>> The diamond is not good. >> It’s like really hot, like vacation spot. >> I got a big hand I just don’t know if it’s big enough. >> Aldridge a great and pretty tight player, I would be surprised here if he makes the call with just a pair of aces.

>> Left and right. >> Can’t nobody hold you down. >> Aldrige calls. >> Yeah I figured.

>> I don’t care. >> Hard to lay it down. >> And yet another torrid love affair story of a poker player and Ace King suited. It’s sad. >> So much to steal. 100.

200. 250. >> I don’t like $25 ante.

>> Alright looks like we have a little bit of a change to the dynamic of the game when we have the latest casino bonuses. Not only do we now have a $25 and $50 small and big blind. But we’ve also got a $25 ante from every player.

>> $50’s a better ante. >> We normally don’t see in a cash game like this but. >> Gavin gonna move, when Gavin moving in now. You got some juice to steal, you know? >> Why not? Let’s put more money in the middle.

>> Why you all got to pick on me man? >> Because you’re the best tournament player. >> You said- >> You still got 2,800. >> I got 4,000. But anyways, Eli you said, let’s go $25 ante, I was the first guy to throw my quarter in.

>> This one, I, I give it to you. >> All right. I was the first guy. >> I give it to you, and you know, they were, they didn’t, once you said yes, everybody was really embarrassed to say no. >> I mean. You can’t, you can’t like.

>> Oh no you see the raise is 700. You see what I’m talking about? >> Yeah. >> Now the re-raise is gonna be 22 hundred.

[CROSSTALK] >> 44 hundred. >> Can just call in. >> Please find kings, just to teach him. >> If I find a king, I’ll teach him. >> But look at the young kid that winning 17 thousand, no, 27 thousand. >> Re-raise.

>> There you go. >> You were a little light when you said 22 hundred. I think the number’s gonna be bigger. >> 25 or 20? >> 25. >> Oh boy, pocket sevens here for Vohra.

>> Don’t call him a young kid, either. He’s 30 years and seven months. >> Who?

>> What is the bet? >> This young [BLEEP] kid who’s sweating his ass off. >> So this is raise. First bet. Re-raise, re-raise, and the, this four bet. Five bet, all in, baby.

>> Awe! >> In go the sevens. >> Suited man man.

>> Oh my God. >> I get the feeling that Eli would have probably shoved all his chips in the middle if he would of had the sevens. [CROSSTALK] >> I got an all in. >> What’s happened? >> He stole it from me. >> You move al in?

>> Got an all in. >> Oh, wow. >> And a call. Put them in the starting gates. Ladies and gentlemen we’ve got ourselves a race. >> Oh you’re only doing 2 boards.

>> No one board, one board. >> Whatever. Thank you. >> Wow. >> And here’s the ace for Laake. >> Oh my god.

>> Turns a seven. Raj Vohra just threw-up in his mouth a little bit. >> I had pocket sevens. >> The torrid love affair strikes another player at our table.

With Ace King, this time showing you why it can be so good. Let’s take a look at how much everyone’s got in front of them. The story of the night is Mike Laake sat down tonight with 10k in front of him, and has been killing it ever since. When we return, we will show you the last few hands from our time at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida, plus a little later on, we’ll find out who’s leaving the Sunshine State with money or looking for a loan. Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America. Welcome back to Poker Night in America, it’s a huge cash game in the Sunshine state tonight.

Everyone’s into this game for a minimum of $5000 of their own money. 20K max buy-in. We started the night with a 25-50 blind. That’s still there, but now the players have added a $25 ante from every player as well, to sweeten the pot.

>> Why were they trying to make people believe that the Main Event bracelet was worth $500,000? It’s, it’s probably worth. >> Cuz they took all of the money they would have spent on all the other bracelets, and just spent it in that one bracelet.

>> It’s probably worth $50,000. >> Naw, it’s worth more than that. There’s a lot of diamonds on that thing. >> It ain’t worth $500,000. >> Probably not.

>> As we get late in the evening here, you are seeing the action increase. >> What do you wanna bet Harris spent less than $50,000 on it? >> We’ve already got the $25 ante from all the players. >> I believe that, cuz it’s like a. It’s like an advertisement for the company.

That’s where I got my watch, from the same place that. >> I like that watch. >> Thank you. >> How much did that cost? >> Nine, not $500,000.

>> All kinds of action coming in here. >> I bet you that one person at this table going to win a bracelet next year, even money. >> Ken Aldridge. >> Six players going to the flop. >> Even money?

>> No one right now a clear-cut favorite. >> One of us. You have to bet against it. >> I don’t want to bet against myself.

>> That’s a pretty crazy bet. >> You’re not gonna win. >> To bet against that. I mean everybody.

>> But I, I can’t bet against myself. >> 60, 60 event. >> I would not bet against that. >> Even, even though we’re all gonna play that, we’re definitely gonna win. You’re side’s an underdog, a hundred percent.

>> For what? >> For one of us to win a bracelet, next year. >> Rap and Matt and me are gonna play all the $10,000 event for sure. >> It’s crazy to bet against that.

>> How much do you want? >> That somebody won. >> Gavin is playing for sure. >> Nine people? >> How much do you want? How much do you want, I’ll bet.

>> I think it’s a crazy bet to bet against that. >> I bet $5000 in the dark. >> Matt Russell raises the $2100 with his two pair.

>> You want action or not? >> I don’t wanna bet against everybody. >> How many, how many you gonna play this summer? 30?

>> If you bet against it, you’d be a big dog. >> No more then 24. >> Really? >> Betting against would be a, a dog? I think you’re wrong.

I think, I think that… [CROSSTALK] >> Think about how many bracelets are at this table right now, and how many years we’ve played combined. >> It doesn’t matter. >> Call from Vohra brings the turn and just like on the flop, Vohra is still open-ended. >> Matt Russell still ahead. >> And we make deep tournament all the time.

>> Right, but still. >> I mean, so, I mean, >> Think about it, how many years have we all been playing. How many bracelets have been won, so obviously, it has to be a dog. >> 2,500. >> Oh, okay. >> You know what I’m saying?

Like, clearly, it’s a dog, because. >> Interesting question of culture at the table. Would you bet against this table, or with this table, that one of them would win a bracelet in the upcoming World Series of Poker? >> Ken won one, he’s wearing it.

>> Right. Yeah, you won one. [CROSSTALK] >> Russell bets 2,500 and Vohra wants to see that river. >> Two. You don’t have any right? >> So we’re up to six in seven years.

>> And good thing that he did because he just went from open ended straight draw to having a straight. >> I will take the it’s nine plus. >> I wouldn’t bet against it but.

I don’t think I don’t think that the right money is on the. >> I would have happily bet against it. >> Ok, just sh. There’s a big bet.

>> Oh I’m sorry. >> We didn’t see, there’s about 30 in the middle already. >> Thousand? >> Thank you, Eli Ellezra for pointing out the fact that yes, we do have a rather large pot that has developed while we were discussing the world series of poker, win or not win bet at this table. >> God dang it. I think this is the worst possible turn and river.

>> I’ll tell you what. You can take yourself out and give me Allen Kessler and I’ll take the nine of us. That way you don’t have to root against yourself. >> But I don’t even want to root against you guys.

I like you all. I don’t want to root against you. >> You, you think that the yes is the favorite?

>> What do you want to bet? >> Yes, yes I do. >> You’re wrong on that. >> Yes I do think the yes is a favorite. >> You’re absolutely wrong. >> It’s not even close.

You guys are so stupid. >> You really think it’s not even close? >> Let’s bet.

Let’s bet 5,000. Let’s bet 2,000. Let’s bet, we’ll pay doing. >> I’m sorry I started conversation doing this hand. >> No, no you’re good, you’re good. I’m just, I’m just, going through my head.

Just give me two, 30 more seconds. >> Take forever me and Eli are gonna keep talking about this bet. [LAUGH] >> Can I just bet on you to win a bracelet, even money? I’ll take everybody out. [LAUGH] >> Please explain to him how much he’s wrong. >> You really think I’m that wrong?

>> It’s all I can do is tell him, if he doesn’t believe me. >> Jared, I think you’re right. I’m on your side. >> That scares me.

>> I’m on your side. No I’m the smart guy. >> I call.

>> You don’t double dip like those guys. >> [BLEEP] damnit. >> And our biggest pot of the night has been scooped here by Raj Vohra, who called Russell all the way down to the river. >> I can’t believe you called the turn. >> Well, again, you can tell that we’re getting late in the night.

>> Cocktails around the table. And now the ante went from $25 to $50 from every player. And we’ve also got Rep Porter with $100 straddle out there as well, just not enough gamble for these guys. Glantz is gonna get us started with Ace Queen. He raised it to 400.

Aldridge calls. >> Is that one your one or my one? Teach. Is that your one or my one? >> I have no idea.

>> Connector’s good enough for Elezra to make the call. Now, Matt Russell in the big blind. He calls. And Porter calls his option out of the straddle, so once again six players seeing a flop together.

The guy who got all the betting started is ahead going to the flop that is Matt Glantz. The flop is King high. So Aldrige is now ahead with a pair of kings.

>> Q! >> Mike, look at the hands I’m playing. >> I just felt like yelling it.

Look at Raj, hasn’t been in a [BLEEP] hand. >> Good one right? >> So Matt you fold? >> Well, Teach bets $1,200 and everyone is folding like laundry behind him. [CROSSTALK] >> Call from Glantz who’s got the gut shot straight draw.

And one over card to the board. The turn is a queen. [CROSSTALK] >> And Aldridge is betting 2000, back to Glantz. >> That’s big.

>> Matt correctly lays it down. So Ken Aldridge’s going to win the $7200 pot to close up our night here at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida. When we come back we review the big winners and losers but most importantly we see whose picking up the tab at the steakhouse. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by

Where the world plays online. Welcome back to Poker Night in America, and here’s where we’re ending on day two. Mike Laake. He’s definitely buying steak dinner tonight, with a $34,000 win. Rep Porter, better luck next time. >> Five.

30, we have an eight. >> Thanks again everyone for watching, we say goodbye to the good people at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida for now. Our next episode will feature day one of our star studded Turning Stone series from Verona, New York. You won’t want to miss. So keep your eyes glued to the screen for a whole week. No, seriously.

For more from Poker Night in America, log on to or find us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, where you can see complete episodes as well as the entire unedited livestream from this cash game and others. For everyone, here at Poker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson. Poker Night is brought to you by 888 Poker, where the world plays online. >> You think the yes is a favorite? >> Yes, I do think the yes is a favorite. >> You’re absolutely wrong.

>> He’s not even close! I’m sorry I started conversation during this hand. >> No, no, you’re good. >> Just give me 30 more seconds. >> Take forever, me and Eli are gonna keep talking about this bet.

[MUSIC] >> You really think it’s not even close? >> Let’s bet!